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  • How should I have my hair when I arrive for my appointment?
    Freshly wash your hair a day before your appointment or the day of your appointment. If your hair is naturally coarse, please blow-dry them straight.
  • How much tension does the braids cause?
    Depending on the sensitivity of your scalp. The styles selection will determine if tension is caused or not. Most likely it's little to none.
  • How long will your braids last?
    GREAT question! Braids last forever, so the real question is how long do they look good for? This will depend on the style you have chosen, along with the simple maintenance needed to maintain the style.
  • How to maintain my braids so they last longer?
    As we know, the time and patience it takes to sit and get braids, we most definitely want to make sure it's worth our while. Braids can last up to 6 months if properly maintained. Your hair is tucked between the braids, but how does one maintain the new growth and fizz? Beautiiskey has created a silk hair bonnet specifically for braids. It'll help keep the braids in tact and prevent little to no frizz. After 3-4 weeks of having the braids, you can re-dip your ends in hot water, pulling the ends straight (will demonstrate during appointment), answer use moose to lay down the frizz also.
  • How to safely remove braids (box braids) without damage or loss?
    You need to remove braids carefully and slowly to avoid damaging your own hair. You'll need to cut the extensions off - one braid at a time just 2 inches below where your natural ends. Use a deep conditioning treatment, letting it sit before combing out your hair.
  • I have not received a confirmation message, is my appointment confirmed?"
    Please make sure you have provided an accurate mobile phone number and an email address. First, a confirmation message is sent to your mobile and if no reply is received within 24 hrs, you will get an email confirmation. To make the booking process easier and faster for both of us, please message us on facebook/instagram after you have booked your slot.
  • Will the braids take out my hair?
    After having the braids for a period of time, your hair will shed a little. Braids are considered to be a protective style, and are mentioned to grow your hair. Keeping your hair oiled and moisturized while braided will cause it to grow and prevent kinks and knots.
  • Do you keep a cancellation list?
    No, all cancellations are posted on our facebook/instagram page. Do you specialize in all hair types? Yes, we work with any type of hair texture. ​
  • Do you go over anther braider's work?
    Absolutely NOT! I would never want to jeopardize my business providing false advertisement.
  • Other Questions Can Be Found here.
    Do you do Men's hair? As part of our niche policy, we are not able to offer services to adult male clients. However, we offer services to Boys (age 3-15 yrs). ​ Do you do collaborations? Absolutely! Please get in touch to discuss any partnership options! Do you offer training? No, not yet, but this is something we will consider in the future. Patience guys! ​ Are you mobile? Yes, traveling fee ? starts at $20 depending on location Do you accept card? Yes, both cash and Zelle are available payment options. ​ ​Social media Handles: FB Beautiikey, IG @_beatiiskey
  • KAY'LE Return Policy
    Due to covid, there are absolutely no returns at this time, all sales are final. Size chart- S,M,L, XL runs true to size otherwise, size recommendation will be listed for each item.
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